Sliding & Skidding

Meccanico is the only heavy lifting company in New Zealand providing a complete lifting and levelling service. This can include horizontal positioning – also known as sliding or skidding. We perform lifts and slides to reposition heavy loads, commercial and industrial infrastructure; e.g. prior to major works such as foundation replacement and levelling, seismic base isolation, structural or earthquake strengthening.

Meccanico’s unique Modular Synchronised Positioning System was custom-designed, built and tested in the Netherlands. It is the only heavy lifting system of its kind in New Zealand and has the advanced technology to lift and slide up to 6000 tonnes.


Bespoke, end-to-end service

Meccanico can provide a complete, project-managed service; heavy lifting, sliding, levelling and any major works required. E.g. For full/partial foundation replacement: we perform the lift and slide, demolish foundations, make ground improvements, build new foundations, lower the building/structure, fix it onto foundations and re-level.

Horizontal Positioning requires relatively little force

Double-acting hydraulic cylinders integrated within the push/pull unit (with the aid of ultra-smooth PTFE pads) enable heavy loads to slide on skid beams, over tracks laid out in advance. The push/pull unit of the skidding set is reversible, without having to lift it off the track.

Meccanico’s configurable lifting and sliding system also provides the controlled accuracy to move historic/heritage buildings and structures, and is particularly suited to rural sites with space around the building, structure or load.

Fast Process

Meccanico uses the innovative Ground Screw Anchoring System to set out our hydraulic, modular sliding system – enabling us to set up and perform the lift and slide very quickly and safely. We’ll keep downtime for your business or organisation to an absolute minimum.

  • Lift & Horizontal Positioning
    Sliding/skidding performed
  • Load lowered into place
    Or when major works are completed, we slide and lower the load back into position
  • Levelling re-levelling performed
    Where applicable

Meccanico Directors, Rod Moore and Stuart Moore, are the most experienced lifting and sliding specialists in New Zealand.
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