New Zealand's Most Advanced Heavy Lifting System

Meccanico’s unique, high-pressure hydraulic jacking system is the only heavy lifting system in New Zealand with the advanced technology to perform heavy lifts so quickly and accurately. Custom-designed, built and certified by a highly-respected, experienced engineering team in the Netherlands, Meccanico’s lifting system took Europe’s largest hydraulic specialist months to build. 
It is capable of lifting up to 6000 tonnes.

Heavy lifting & levelling commercial & industrial infrastructure

New Zealand’s most experienced Lifting specialists

Meccanico Directors, Rod and Stuart Moore, have overseen the successful lifting and levelling of hundreds of structures in New Zealand. This includes multi-storey buildings and earthquake-damaged properties in Canterbury, e.g. businesses, heritage buildings and churches. Rod Moore also undertook further in-depth training in Europe, on the most advanced heavy lifting system available on the market – proven internationally on large-scale, complex heavy lifting projects (see CASE STUDIES).


Unique end-to-end Lifting & Levelling service

Meccanico is the only lifting company in New Zealand providing a bespoke, complete lifting and levelling service. This can include major works such as levelling and foundations, seismic base isolation, structural and earthquake strengthening, roof lifting, propping, engineering, surveying, excavation, demolition, concreting and backfilling.


Largest Heavy Lifting & Levelling company in NZ

We are mechanical jacking specialists operating throughout New Zealand, including Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. Meccanico is unusual in New Zealand’s lifting industry for also having in-house Registered Engineers – providing engineered solutions for even the most challenging heavy lifting projects and sites.

Meccanico’s South Island head office is in Christchurch, our North Island head office is in Auckland. Contact Meccanico



Meccanico’s unique heavy lifting system can easily be scaled up by adding more cylinders – giving it almost unlimited weight capacity (up to 6000 tonnes) for lifting, lowering, levelling and weighing.

We can undertake heavy lifts, vertical and horizontal positioning for heavy buildings, structures and loads, including:

• Commercial & Industrial infrastructure
• Multi-level, multi-unit buildings e.g. hotels, apartment buildings
• Bridges, Boats & Ships
• Churches, large historic/heritage buildings, castles
• Stadiums

Modular Synchronised Positioning System

For lifting, lowering and levelling, Meccanico uses a computer-controlled, custom-built 2500 (metric) ton synchronised positioning system. The software allows us to set exact parameters to execute a complex lift, and synchronised positioning of heavy loads with high damage risk is much easier. The modular system uses multiple split-flow pumps, each with four individual flows and 40 lifting points. Each lifting point has its own single oil flow; the load can be positioned smoothly and with extreme precision.


Meccanico’s new heavy lifting equipment, during three days of rigorous testing at ALE (Abnormal Load Engineering) in Breda, the Netherlands.


Fast, precise and safe

Meccanico’s unique heavy lifting system is lighter, more mobile, faster and easier to set up than conventional heavy lifting methods. Additional equipment such as cranes and forklifts are not required. Computer-controlled and extremely accurate, the multiple double-acting, connected pump units spread loads evenly around the full system, providing synchronised pressure.


Controlled accuracy

Before performing each lift, in order to achieve safe, even weight distribution throughout every stage of the lift, Meccanico’s heavy lifting system weighs the building, structure, boat/ship, to determine the exact Centre of Gravity (COG).

The heavy duty hydraulic pump units are placed around the building, bridge or structure – keeping distances from the pumps to lifting points equal and to a minimum. This results in a much more stable, safer lifting and lowering action, with significantly less vibrations (most other heavy lifting systems work with just one very large pump unit and extremely long hoses). The pumps are linked together by a data cable and come together in a portable HMI (Human Machine Interface), with touch screen.


No site is too technical

Meccanico’s unique heavy lifting system was custom-designed for even the most complex heavy lifting and levelling projects. This includes sites where access would normally be very difficult. Meccanico’s heavy lifting and levelling work includes technical jacking within basements, in underground car parks and for earthquake-damaged properties.


Foundations & Re-levelling


Meccanico is the only lifting company in New Zealand providing a complete lifting and levelling service, which can include:

  • Foundation Replacement
    Required after lifting or horizontal positioning (also known as sliding or skidding).We lift the building, demolish the foundations, dig out and improve the ground, build the new foundations, lower the building and fix it onto the foundations (or install Seismic Base Isolators, before lowering the building).
  • Foundation Repairs
  • Concrete Slab Levelling: full replacement / repairs & GPR scans
    Meccanico excavates around the perimeter to gain access under the Foundations. The floor and foundations are carefully lifted as one – a very precise, controlled process (unlike traditional methods, which can damage the floor and slabs as they’re lifted). The floor is re-levelled then all voids filled. GPR Scans – Ground Penetrating Radar: a vital step in the Quality Assurance process before sign-off. After levelling the concrete structure, we use GPR to scan it and ensure there aren’t any voids under the slab. Note: GPR is non-destructive; it uses electromagnetic radar pulses to image subsurface structures and detect reflected signals.
  • Screw Piling Levelling & Ground Screw Anchoring
    Unlike other companies, to install our screws we can use a specialised hand-held machine with the same torque comparison as a 5 tonne digger, to get into very hard to reach areas. We then use the screws as bearings, to lift the foundation off. Ground screw systems are safe, sustainable, cost-effective screw piling (earth anchoring) – no digging, concrete filling or welding required. They are suitable for shallow foundations.
  • Ground Improvement
  • ZIPLEVEL® Survey & Analysis Service (Consultation & Report)
    Includes floor plan. Unlike rotary lasers, ZIPLEVEL® altimeters are a very quick and extremely precise way to measure and read elevations, over any distance or elevation.

We are known for consistently achieving pin-point accuracy with our floor level results. Get the best team and equipment in New Zealand working on your project – contact Meccanico.

“Martinus engaged Meccanico for the demolition of an existing wall inside Britomart Tunnel in Auckland CBD. Scope of works consisted of jacking to transfer load from the existing wall to a newly constructed wall, continuous monitoring of deflections, and design of all associated temporary works. Meccanico engaged Quoin to develop the temporary works design in collaboration with Martinus, Aurecon and City Rail Link Ltd. and developed the jacking methodology in accordance with the permanent works design requirements. The jacking works were completed successfully as critical path works during a rail shutdown with a very happy client as a result.

Throughout the works, it has been great to work with Meccanico as a trusted partner to deliver a robust solution, work to the program, and produce solutions where required. Impressed with the ability and flexibility of the team to get the job done. It was a pleasure to work with Rod & team!”

Martinus Rail

Martinus 2